The 2020 Southern Arizona Film Festival
Friday and Saturday August 14 and 15*

*Final dates still to be determined.

2020 SAIFF Schedule

Friday, August 14
Storytelling Workshop: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Student Screenings: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Saturday, August 15
Indie Film Screenings: 12:30pm - 4:00pm
Awards Ceremony: 6:00pm

Official Selections for 2020 Festival Screening:
  • “KADDISH” (Advanced Student) – Razid Season – New York, New York
  • “Salting the Fly” (Indie) - Craig Mooneyham and Jacob Reynolds – Conroe, Texas
  • “It’s Nothing” (Indie) – Nicholas Mourgere – Paris, France
  • “Cmd-Del” (Student) – Sara Yen, Jason Lin and Amar Karoshi – San Jose, California
  • “Soaring Beyond Silence” (Advanced Student) – Jessie Greenberg – Sarasota, Florida
  • “The Sand Castle” (Indie) – Eliezer Katzoff – Newton, Massachusetts
  • “Tonight” (Indie) – Mark Roush – West Lin, Oregon
  • “Moon Reaching” (Advanced Student) - Victoria Partika – Los Angeles, California
  • “7 Minute Storytelling II: Captain Unicorn Saves the Day” (Indie) – Adam Cadena – Mesa, Arizona
  • “Beautifully Invisible” (Advanced Student) – Alyssa Wiesen – Aliso Viejo, California (U of A student)
  • “Box and Me” (Advanced Student) – Stephen Lee – Shanghai, China
  • “A House of Cards” (Advanced Student) – Denis Pejovic – Vienna, Austria
  • “Almost Will” (Student) – Richard Li – Concord, Massachusetts
  • “Pitch Black” (Student) – Bouzlemt Manele – Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
  • “A Man Named Butterfly” (Indie) – Wesley Schofield – Willcox, Arizona
6:30PM to 8:00PM – Awards Party and Reception

Willcox Historic Theater is located at 134 N Railroad Ave in the center of Willcox's Railroad Avenue Historic District. Built in 1937 in the Southwest Art Deco style, it is being restored and operated by the non-profit Willcox Historic Theater Preservation, Inc.

There are five restaurants and four wine-tasting rooms within walking distance of the Theater.

Call 520-766-3335 for more information on the Southern Arizona Independent Film Festival.