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The Ballad of Arizona: Our First Hundred Years
Thursday, March 12
12:00pm @ Studio 128

“The Ballad of Arizona” surveys important, but often little-known, chapters of Arizona’s unique history. A blend of music, video, and lecture, “The Ballad of Arizona” is similar to “A Prairie Home Companion” but with an Arizona twist. The dozen vignettes featured in the presentation include the Buffalo Soldiers, dude ranch history, the Code Talkers, forester Aldo Leopold, Japanese-American Internment, famous cattle drives, and more stories that explore Arizona’s unique cultural and natural diversity.
Speaker: Jay Cravath and Dan Shilling
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The Last Roundup of the "Y" Cattle Co
Thursday, April 9
12:00pm @ Studio 128

The true story of the 1890’s when many of the cattle ranches in Arizona and New Mexico went bankrupt and had to round up and sell their entire herds. John Walter Klump and his three partners drove cattle from Fredericksburg, Texas to the Reserve, NM area in 1885. Over 750 letters and documents were found detailing the two-year roundup, the cowboys, and shipping of their cattle from Magdalena, Geronimo, and Holbrook.
Speaker: Kathy Klump
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Aviators and the Archaeologists: The Lindberghs’ 1929 Aerial Survey of the Southwest
Thursday, May 14
12:00pm @ Studio 128

Famous pilot Charles Lindbergh (the “Lone Eagle”) is best known for his pioneering 1927 flight across the Atlantic Ocean, but few people know that Lindbergh, and his wife Anne, also played an important role in southwestern archaeology. Come see some of their amazing aerial photographs, and learn how Charles and Anne helped share Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, and the Grand Canyon with the rest of the world.
Speaker: Erik Berg
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