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Willcox Theater

The Southern Arizona Independent Film Festival is a family oriented festival that solicits entries from all levels of experience, age groups and genre interests. We screen G and PG rated short films (under 15 minutes). The festival is geared towards the student filmmaker but fully embraces the work of Indie filmmakers as well.
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Streamed Painting Session
Saturday, April 18
6:00pm via Facebook Live

Experience Paint Night from the comfort of your own home! Pick up your supply packs at the Willcox Theater April 13th - 17th from 3pm-6pm.

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Theater and Dessert
Postponed for a later date!
7:00pm @ The Palace

Grumpy Bartolo stands between young lovers Almaviva and Rosina. Can local barber and arch-schemer Figaro fix it for them? It could be a close shave. Rossini´s comedy the Barber of Seville will have you smiling from the moment it begins. Enjoy this screened stage performance with a delicious dessert!

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Aviators and the Archaeologists: The Lindberghs’ 1929 Aerial Survey of the Southwest
Thursday, May 14
12:00pm @ Studio 128

Famous pilot Charles Lindbergh (the “Lone Eagle”) is best known for his pioneering 1927 flight across the Atlantic Ocean, but few people know that Lindbergh, and his wife Anne, also played an important role in southwestern archaeology. Come see some of their amazing aerial photographs, and learn how Charles and Anne helped share Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, and the Grand Canyon with the rest of the world.
Speaker: Erik Berg
This is a FREE event!

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Saturday, June 20

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