Historic Theater – Modern Experience

General Information

The two-screen Willcox Historic Theater is located in the heart of the Railroad Avenue historic district in Willcox, Arizona at 134 N Railroad Avenue. Opened in 1937, the Theater was home to live stage shows, vaudeville acts and musicals and is the only theater of its kind in Cochise County. The theater is owned and operated by Willcox Historic Theater Preservation, Inc. (WHTP), a nonprofit corporation, which re-opened the theater in 2012. The Willcox Historic Theater’s programming includes films ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to classic, foreign, art and independent films, programs for young audiences, live concerts, special events and community events. WHTP is committed to the restoration of the Willcox Historic Theater as a cinematic and cultural arts center.

You can cap off your day with a current movie at the theater, bring the kids to the matinee or put the finishing touch on a special day with a Broadway encore or concert.

Willcox Historic Theater Preservation, Inc is committed to enhancing the collective well being of our community by restoring and operating the Willcox Historic Theater and promoting cultural, economic and civic life. The mission of Willcox Historic Theater Preservation is to revive the historic theater as an entertainment and cultural hub for Northern Cochise County communities by:
  • - providing a venue for performing and cinematic arts,
  • - fostering the growth of community arts groups, targeting participation of youth
  • - providing programming opportunities through collaborative efforts,
  • - serving as a catalyst for growth of Willcox as a destination market and to promote business.