Historic Theater – Modern Experience

General FAQ

What age do you consider to be a senior?

Do you serve alcohol?
No. We’re primarily a movie theater and we have traditional movie theater concessions.

How do you schedule your feature films?
“It’s annoying when I see previews of films that never show up for viewing.” We get frustrated too. We show trailers for films that we hope to bring to the theater. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Availability, distributors’ booking requirements, and a film’s upcoming DVD release are some of the factors that determine if and when we can get a film.
Like everything else, this part of our work is a balancing act. We need to bring in films that you will come see so we can pay our bills; not keep them so long that everyone has already seen it; and have enough variety in films so that we can provide diverse programming for families, young adults, teens, seniors and movie lovers of all ages. We have discussions every week with our film booker to make the best choices we can about film scheduling. Planning on a week-to-week basis allows us the most flexibility, and the best chance at bringing in all of the films you want to see.

How do you decide which concerts to book?
We are always open to your opinions on which artists we should book at the Theater. It is important to understand that there is a limitation on who we can afford and keep ticket prices reasonable.

So when will we see a fully restored theater?
The renovation process at the Theater has just begun. Initial repairs were made for safety and operability of the Theater, then for comfort and a start to return to the Art Deco style of the original building. Modernization and upgrades of the physical plant and equipment are also required, and a balance must be struck between those fixes that are visible and those that are ‘behind the scenes’ in implementing the renovation. Because of the building modifications done in 1980 and the realities of 21st century film business, the Theater interior will keep both current screens and not return to the original single auditorium. However, the theater interior will be restyled, in phases as funds are available, to a faithful representation of Art Deco Style and the exterior façade will be restored to features Art Deco elements .