Welcome to the Southern Arizona Independent Film Festival

2017 Festival on Saturday, April 22

Your opportunity to showcase and be recognized for your talent and hard work as an independent filmmaker.

The Southern Arizona Independent Film Festival is designed to solicit entries from all levels of experience, age groups and genre interests ensuring that opportunities are broadly available to anyone creating visual stories. Film types accepted include narrative fiction, non- fiction/documentary, animation and educational and films must be 10 minutes in length or less.

2017 Keynote Speaker and Guest Artist

Heather Hale Film & TV Director, Producer, Writer, Consultant, Speaker

Heather Hale is a Film and Television Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Speaker and Consultant. Her book How to Work the Film &TV Markets:A Guide for Content Creators is due out this June as part of Focal Press’ “The AFM presents...” series. Ms. Hale directed, produced and co-wrote Absolute Killers (2010), a thriller that starred Edward Furlong (Terminator 2), Ed Asner (Up, Lou Grant) and Meat Loaf Aday (Fight Club, Rocky Horror Picture Show). Her 50 hours of award-winning television productions include The Courage to Love (2000), the $5.5 million dollar Lifetime Original Movie.

Get your film on . . . at the Southern Arizona Independent Film Festival.

Did You Know . . .

Every great filmmaker found their start somewhere.

Peter Jackson

(“Lord of the Rings”, “King Kong”) was a 15-year-old experimenting with a Super 8 camera when he made “The Valley”, a time travel tale about four prospectors who battle for their lives in a world overrun by mythical beasts.

George Lucas

(“Star Wars”, “American Graffiti”) created several shorts with his first, “Look at Life” combining photos of the 1960′s cultural landscape, with a doomsday ending.

Francis Ford Coppola

(“The Godfather”, “Apocalypse Now”) made his debut with a re-edited Soviet space movie about a race to colonize Mars titled “Battle Beyond The Sun”.

Martin Scorsese

(“The Departed”, “Casino”, “GoodFellas”) was a student at NYU when he made his first short film “Vesuvius VI” set in ancient Rome. He fondly referred to it as his “Miniature Epic”.

Steven Spielberg

(“ET”, “Jaws”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”) was only thirteen when he won a prize for a 40-minute war film he titled “Escape to Nowhere”. At sixteen, he wrote and directed his first feature film called “Firelight” which later inspired “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.