Sponsor a Program

You can support Willcox Historic Theater programs and, at the same time, promote your business or organization!

Programming film and live performances is expensive, but you can help! By sponsoring one of our upcoming programs with a donation of $250 you can help us continue to bring classic films, documentaries, cult and sci-fi classics, children’s films and live shows to families in and around Willcox.

Sponsors are recognized in all advertising. Advertising includes links to your website and listings on the theater’s website and Facebook page. Further, we invite you or someone from your organization to introduce the film and establish a presence in our lobby before and after the film, providing information about your business or organization for our patrons. 

Your sponsorship is a wonderful way to contribute to the lives of families in our community. Be a part of the fun! For as little as $250 to $500 you can help the Theater continue to bring exceptional programming to our town. Please take a look at our schedule by browsing the website and consider sponsoring one of our upcoming film, live or special event programs.

Does my contribution of $250 cover all of your expenses to show a film?
No, it doesn’t, but your contribution helps tremendously! Generally we are charged a flat fee between $250 and $350 for the rights to show a classic or kids’ film. In addition there are shipping costs and overhead expenses (heat, electricity, advertising) resulting in a cost well over $500. Live performances are even more expensive and can vary wildly; that’s why we need your help!