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Theater Renovation Almost Complete

The Theater’s auditoriums, lobby and exterior have all completed their facelifts, along with critical upgrades to Heating/Cooling, Electrical, Lighting and Control System.

The finishing touches to the lobby and entryway expansion are nearing completion.

Check it out when you take in a movie!

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Studio 128

Willcox Historic Theater is remodeling the structure at 128 N Railroad Avenue to serve as a workshop, rehearsal, meeting and performance space. It will host Arts workshops, stage performances, speakers, unique film series, dinner theater, community events, history programs, art exhibits, expanded youth programming and much more.

Construction started in September and plans are for Studio 128 to open in January 2017. It will have a large multipurpose room, dressing room, sound recording and video post-production space.

The multipurpose room can be set up for stage, speaker or film shows, arranged with either row seating or with tables. Seminars, workshops or meetings can easily be accommodated with different layouts and use of movable room dividers, which also double to display hanging art.

The sound and video spaces will serve purposes as varied as recording oral histories in collaboration with the Sulphur Springs Historical Society, producing video documentaries or performing Radio Theater Programs.

Watch our progress!!